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In Japan, Kanji characters (Chinese characters) and Japanese language itself have been enjoying peoples’ attention and popularity quite a lot for some time.  In addition, these days, you find entertainments such as a movie with calligraphy as its main theme, comic books and a TV drama adopted from the comics with a calligraphy motif as well.

I wonder why this is happening?
What does it mean if your handwriting is good?Way back when it was taken for granted that you do all the writings yourself with your own hand, for instance, a young woman with a good skill of handwriting was supposed to be more marketable, so to speak.  However, in this modern world, machines write neat, clear and easy-to-read letters for you.  In fact, I am writing this article with my PC, which has been working to change my ideas into something concrete for others to see.  And these letters on the monitor, I do hate to admit, are much neater and clearer than my own handwriting. And what I would like to emphasize here, is that the person that wrote the above paragraph has been practicing calligraphy (a traditional kind of calligraphy using brushes which was first introduced from ancient China) for a long time from early childhood, for more than 45 years – too long to remember exactly.