Jan. 9th,15th,
Feb. 6th,13th,20th

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First, a few of my classmates from my primary school began practicing calligraphy at a calligraphy school and they invited me to join them….
Then, my parents, especially my mother were more than happy to see their daughter hoping to take up calligraphy, from a reason you find above.
Then it happened that it became a great pleasure, too great to give up.
And, the calligraphy teacher happened to be a great master who taught me the very essence of calligraphy.
In short, it was a happy chain-reaction caused from a happy coincidence.
Soaked leisurely in that happiness, I had been considering calligraphy only as my own pleasure.  However, I was as fearless as to hold my calligraphy exhibition in the beginning of 2009, with a section where guests could try traditional kind of calligraphy using brushes themselves. To my pleasant surprise, all those who tried in the experience calligraphy yourself section” looked really relaxed and delighted to express themselves through creating their own works of calligraphy. Looking at their happy faces, I was beginning to have a new idea, that is, I should never cut off this happy chain-reaction which kept me happy all these years.  And it was clear at last to me that my mission and token of my sincere gratitude I could offer to my great teacher and his wife who cherished me like I was their own granddaughter, is to bring up this happy chain-reaction to where all the others could reach whenever they want to.